Colt LE901-16SE Modular Carbine .308 Win Rifle


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Introducing the Colt M.A.R.C.901 LE901-16SE. Each new rifle in the M.A.R.C.901 family is an evolution of the LE901-16S, which means the upper receiver group can be easily swapped out for any Colt upper receiver chambered in .223 Rem (5.56 x45 NATO) with the conversion kit (sold separately). Bolt and magazine controls are ambidextrous for flexibility and ease of use.

Be it for whitetail hunting in Maine, target practice at the range or law-enforcement use, the Colt M.A.R.C.901 family of rifles have the power and versatility you need. Exceptional accuracy is assured by its full floated, 16.1” chrome lined barrel, and users can now find their perfect balance with customized mounting of accessories such as optics, bipods, lasers and more.

LE901-16SE Special Features
User Configurable 1-Piece Upper Receiver with Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS)
Full Floated Barrel
Bayonet Lug and Flash Hider
Ambidextrous Controls
Accepts Mil-Spec 5.56 Colt Uppers

LE901-16SE Specifications

Model: LE901-16SE
Caliber: .308 Winchester
Barrel Length: 16.1” Heavy
Bore: Chromed, 4 Groves, 1-12” RH Twist
Front Sight: Flip-Up, Adjustable Post for Elevation
Rear Sight: Flip-Up, Adjustable for Windage
Extended Length: 37.5”
Collapsed Length: 34.24”
Weight: 8.4 lbs
Action: Direct Gas System, Locking Bolt
Finish: Matte Black

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