Colt 1991 Commander 45 ACP Centerfire Pistol


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The Colt 1991 Series is a direct descendant of the original Colt M1911. A long trigger, flat mainspring housing and original style recoil spring system remain from the original M1911 design. Upgrades from the original include white dot sights and a lowered ejection port for extra reliability. It still remains “the standard” that everyone tries to imitate, but no one duplicates.

High Profile Sights with Dots
Spur Hammer
Standard Safety Lock
Standard Grip Safety
Solid Aluminum Trigger
Lowered Ejection Port

Firearm Specifications

Barrel Length: 4.25 in.
Caliber: .45 Auto
Magazine Capacity: 7
Receiver Material: Carbon Steel
Receiver Finish: Blued
Slide Material: Carbon Steel
Slide Finish: Blued
Sights: High Profile with Dots
Hammer: Commander Style
Trigger: Solid Aluminum
Safety Lock: Standard
Grip Safety: Standard
Stocks: Rosewood
Ejection Port: Lowered
Action: Single Action
Firing System: 80
Overall Length: 7.75 in.
Approx Weight: 33 oz.