Colt 1911 .38 Super Emiliano Zapata Centennial (One of 500)


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Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919) is Mexico’s most popular national hero. He represented the idealistic aspects of the Mexican Revolution. A man of the people, he witnessed injustice in his own town of Anenecuilo, where his family had lived and worked the land for many generations. He became a significant force for the land reform in the struggles of the powerless villagers against the wealthy landowners. In 1919, he was lured into a meeting by a rival revolutionary leader and assassinated.

Zapata is revered today after 100 years for his commitment to the plight of the peasants and his dedication to the principles of justice, freedom and democracy.

The Emiliano Zapata Colt is a full-sized, royal blue polished government slide and frame in .38 Super caliber. The slide is generously silver etched in a motif that reflects the revolutionary time and struggle. The design includes Mexico’s national flower, the Dahlia, a bullet hole very near the portrait and the silhouette of a famous Zapata statue. The winged heart is a religious symbol related to love. truthfulness, and loss.

The pistol’s controls are high polished royal blue. The barrel bushing is coated in bright polished silver. The grips are unique pearlite inscribed with EZ and a silver Colt medallion. The grip screws are hex polished stainless. The special factory serial numbers are TME001-TME500.

What’s in the Box

Colt 1911 .38 Super Emiliano Zapata Centennial (One of 500)
(1) Magazine
Additional Set of Grips
Information Card
Cable Lock
Owner’s Manual

Firearm Specifications

Manufacturer: Colt
Model: 1911 Emiliano Zapata Centennial Edition (One of 500)
Caliber: .38 Super
Barrel Length: 5″
Overall Length: 8.5″
Finish: Royal Blue / Elaborate Silver Engraving on Slide
Sights: White Dot
Grips: White Pearlite inscribed with EZ and Silver Colt Medallion
Magazine Capacity: 9